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Allothroe, a term inspired from Homer, means humans who speak a different language or have a different sound. Ulysses’ co-travellers on the boat are mentioned as allothroe humans in the first rhapsody of Odyssey: ‘πλέων ἐπὶ οἴνοπα πόντον ἐπ΄ ἀλλοθρόους ἀνθρώπουs‘ (‘sailing in the black sea with people who speak different languages’, Odyssey, Α, 183-84). The phrase today marks an iron footbridge in Frankfurt Main in Germany, joining the two banks of the river.


Ioanna Valsamidou (GR)
Barbara Ehnes (DE)
Manolis Manousakis (GR)
Dimitris Brendas (GR)
Nicolas Aggelopoulos (GR)
Dana Papachristou – akoo.o collective (GR)
Vasiliki Mouriki (GR)
Moschoula Kyri (GR)
Alexanrdos Lavranos (GR)
Frau Von Da (DE)
Sakis Stritzidis (GR)
Thodoris Vladousis (GR)
Mikes Glykas (GR)
Moschoula Kiri (GR)
Sarit Streicher (DE)
Katerina Christodoulidou (GR)
Marike Splinter (FR/GR)
Katerina Antonopoulou (GR)
Nada Gambier (BE)
Mark Etchells (UK)
Ioanna Valsamidou (GR)
Eleftherios Veniades (GR/DE)
Emmanouil Manousakis (GR)
Dana Papachristou (GR)
Dimitris Brendas (GR)
Nikolas Aggelopoulos (GR)
Alexandros Lavranos (GR)
Giouli Nasi (GR)
Moschoula Kiri (GR)
Sarit Streicher (DE)
Refresh & Shuffle – There is no hierarchy, when on the same boat.